Gedächtnisweltmeisterschaften (englisch)

2013 ging der 2. Platz an einen deutschen Jugendlichen!

Best Male Junior WMC Rookie – first time at a WMC
Johannes Zhou, Germany
– 3909 Championship points

WMC 2015WMC main logo copy

We are happy to announce that the 24th World Memory Championship will be again hosted in China. It will be between 5th and 15th December 2015. The planned venue will be in Sichuan, the most legendary and historical place of China. Sichuan is famous for its world-renowned cuisine and beautiful landscape, for which the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, had even made a special visit last year.


Schools Memory Competitions

The Schools Memory Championships was created in UK  2008 to help pupils discover the mind sport of memory and to develop their mental skills to help with their studies.Since it was founded in 1991, The World Memory Championships has created a ‘gold standard’ for memory based on ten different memory disciplines.

A simplified version of these was created for schools memory competitions, backed up with a training programme to help teachers to train memory techniques

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